Listen To N.E.R.D’s New Song With Andre 3000, “Rollinem 7’s”

On Friday afternoon, listeners to Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio got a surprise in the form of a new song from N*E*R*D* featuring André 3000.

The song, called “Rollinem 7’s,” will appear on the group’s upcoming album No_One Ever Really Dies. Pharrell and co. premiered the project at ComplexCon. In addition to 3K, the project features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar (twice!), M.I.A., Gucci Mane, Future, Ed Sheeran, and Rihanna. If you’ve made it this far in this article, you’ve probably already heard the last of these, RiRi’s star turn on “Lemon.”

“Rollinem 7’s” wowed the Twitter masses, building anticipation for the new album, whose release date has not yet been announced.

Check out the album’s tracklist and listen to “Rollinem 7’s” below.

N.E.R.D’s No_One Ever Really Dies Tracklist

1. “Deep Down Body Thirst”
2. “Lemon” Feat. Rihanna
3. “Voilà” Feat. Gucci Mane & Wale
4. “1000” Feat. Future
5. “Don’t Don’t Do It” Feat. Kendrick Lamar
6. “Kites” Feat. Kendrick Lamar and M.I.A.
7. “ESP”
8. “Lightning Fire Magic Prayer”
9. “Rollinem 7’s” Feat. André 3000
10. “Lifting You” Feat. Ed Sheeran
11. “Secret Life of Tigers”

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