Michael Jackson’s Estate Owes Quincy Jones $9.4 Million, Jury Decides

Previously, it was reported that Quincy Jones was owed $30 million by the estate of Michael Jackson. However, that number has changed, as the estate actually owes Jones $9.4 million. This past Wednesday, a jury declared that Jones is owed $9.4 million in production fees and royalties from his work on “Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” and other tracks from Jackson’s vast catalog.

A jury gathered in a Los Angeles Superior Court and decided that Jones was not owed $30 million, but he was definitely owed more than the $392,000 amount that the Jackson estate pushed. Quincy Jones issued a statement on the whole ordeal, saying, “This lawsuit was never about Michael, it was about protecting the integrity of the work we all did in the recording studio and the legacy of what we created. Although this (judgment) is not the full amount that I was seeking, I am very grateful that the jury decided in our favor in this matter. I view it not only as a victory for myself personally but for artists’ rights overall.”

After being surprised by the verdict, attorneys for the MJ estate noted that they are going to file an appeal.

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