Rakim Salutes JAY-Z For Maturity and Evolution on “4:44” Album

Over the past couple of weeks, JAY-Z’s 14th studio album4:44, has received much acclaim for the project’s social commentary and personal reflections. Artists and fans from all generations have chimed in on the record’s impact. “The God MC” Rakim, fresh off the reunion show with Eric B at the Apollo Theatre, recently spoke with BET during the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this past weekend to give his take on the album.

Like many who found the project refreshing for its maturity and life lessons, Rakim felt as though the entire project was tailored made for the older hip-hop generation. He said in the current landscape that is dominated by youth culture, this album was much needed for the older fan who has grown and evolved.

Check out more of Rakim’s take in the video below.

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